Kathleen Sanders​  - Owner/Head Baker

Her baking journey began when she attended  York Technical Institute, where she studied pastry arts. Since then, Kathy has been in the business for over 17 years. As  Head Baker, her areas of focus include the production of all cookies, pastries, and cakes. Her passion for creating quality baked goods can be found all over Lancaster county, in local coffee shops, restaurants, corporate events and we hope your next event!


Duane Sanders - Owner/Chief Consultant


Co-owner, alongside his wife Kathy, he has provided brides and grooms of Lancaster County with exceptional one-on-one consultations for over 14 years. He also serves as head of deliveries with a focus on providing each customer with the utmost quality experience.


Jennifer Sanders - Artistic Dir. / Decorator


As a self-taught cake decorator, she has spent years working to perfect her craft, in order to provide clients with  uniquely individual, edible works of art.


Since the young age of 12, she has had a passion for decorating and began creating specialty cakes early on in her career. As her passion and skill grew, she expanded her focus to wedding cakes, where she now provides clients with breath-taking  designs. Each custom creation is uniquely created to depict the bride's dream cake come to life!



Family owned and operated, our passion for quality is second to none. We strive to provide our clients with a warm and personalized experience from the first conversation all the way through delivery.

At Colebrook Bakery we love what we do and hope you will too!

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